Site-To-Site VPN from On-Prem to AWS Deployment

This is the documentation for my AWS site-to-site VPN deployment in my homelab. The three sites have three different edge endpoint devices that will be the customer gateway for the site-to-site VPN. The first site uses a FortiGate firewall as the customer gateway. The second site uses a Palo Alto firewall as the customer gateway. The third and last site uses a Cisco Router as the customer gateway. The cloud site AWS side will utilize AWS Site-to-Site VPN using customer gateway, target gateway (virtual private gateway), route tables and site-to-site VPN connection (with IKEv2 tunnel). After successfully implementing the connection on every site, each of the sites will be able to access the cloud site’s AWS network and resources.



FortiGate configuration:

Palo Alto configuration:

Cisco Router configuration:

AWS VPC configuration:


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