GlusterFS installation/setup

This is the documentation that I created when I installed and setup GlusterFS as the storage solution for Docker containers.

The setup that I used include: 3 Debian 10 VMs with an extra hard disk/drive each and Docker installed with Docker Swarm enabled.

Setting Up GlusterFS

First we’ll need to setup our file system

check for your added drive:


*mine is sdb

Create the filesystem (XFS in this case)

sudo mkfs.xfs /dev/(yourDrive)

sudo mkfs.xfs /dev/sdb

Create the directory for the Gluster volumes (for each node)

sudo mkdir /gluster/bricks/1 -p

sudo mount /dev/sdb /gluster/bricks/1

sudo mkdir /gluster/bricks/1/brick

sudo mkdir /gluster/bricks/2 -p

sudo mount /dev/sdb /gluster/bricks/2

sudo mkdir /gluster/bricks/2/brick

sudo mkdir /gluster/bricks/3 -p

sudo mount /dev/sdb /gluster/bricks/3

sudo mkdir /gluster/bricks/3/brick

Edit /etc/fstab so the disks get mounted when the OS boots (for each node)

sudo nano /etc/fstab

enter this line at the end:

/dev/sdb /gluster/bricks/1 xfs defaults 0 0

/dev/sdb /gluster/bricks/2 xfs defaults 0 0

/dev/sdb /gluster/bricks/3 xfs defaults 0 0

Verify that the disks are mounted

df -h

*/dev/sdb is mounted on /gluster/bricks/1

Now we can install GlusterFS

Install GlusterFS

sudo apt install glusterfs-server

Start GlusterD on all nodes

sudo systemctl enable glusterd

sudo systemctl start glusterd

Connect to Gluster nodes

sudo gluster peer probe [otherNodeIPHere]

then check gluster peer with:

sudo gluster peer status

sudo gluster pool list

Create Gluster volume/bricks (can be done on any node)

sudo gluster volume create gfs \

replica 3 \ \ \

Start the volume and verify that it is working

sudo gluster volume start gfs

sudo gluster volume list

sudo gluster volume status gfs

sudo gluster volume info gfs

Mount the created bricks to /mnt and verify

sudo mount.glusterfs localhost:/gfs /mnt

You can test this by making a sample directory inside /mnt and see if it replicates to the other node

cd /mnt

sudo mkdir GlusterTest

Ensure the Gluster Volume is mounted on boot by editing /etc/fstab (on the main node)

sudo nano /etc/fstab

Then insert this line at the end:

localhost:/gfs /mnt glusterfs defaults,_netdev 0 0

Create the directory /etc/systemd/system/srv.mount.d/ and a file called override.conf in srv.mount.d (this tells systemd to wait for Gluster to start before mounting the volume)

sudo mkdir /etc/systemd/system/srv.mount.d/

sudo nano /etc/systemd/system/srv.mount.d/override.conf

Enter this into override.conf:




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